Maggie Stern Stitches

Neck Gaiter/Mask Featuring Women Who Changed The World!

SKU: #202L

$18.70 $22

Neck gaiter/mask. The design is filled with amazing women who changed the world for the better! From women who fought tirelessly for the right to vote, to literary legends, who shaped language into new forms; to athletes who broke records, to artists who revolutionized art to politicians......These women are only some of our heroines.
Plus, it's fun to guess who everyone is!

Machine wash and dry.
Synthetic fabric to hold the sublimated design.

When folded over, it works as an extra thick

Not a medical mask!

Maggie Stern Stitches donates generously to organizations such as The American Civil Liberties Union and The Equal Justice Initiative representing the interests and causes of the women and men whose images are on our socks.

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